Bee's Diamonds

Since the colonial era, Bee’s Diamonds has been the prestigious supply partner for luxury brands across Asia Pacific. On the side, the award-winning private jeweler runs an acclaimed members club for executives seeking pristine quality diamonds and gemstones for their personal use. Bee’s Diamonds opens certain services publicly for connoisseurs, including bespoke high jewellery, diamond engagement rings, appraisals, valuation, and diamond investment advisory.


Bee's already had an ecommerce store that was connected to API to retreive white diamonds. However, they wanted to connect to another API to retrieve colour diamonds and gems as well. It needed to be a multilingual store and also sell Jewellery as well.


This was a large complex ecommerce store with multiple API connections. It was agreed upon to use Wordpress and Woocommerce ecommerce plugin. I used javascript (jquery) to connect to two different API's to retrieve diamond/gem information and then insert them into Woocommerce via a script that ran several times a day. It would also check to see if the product was still available when adding to the cart. WPML was used for multilingual and had several custom built pages, such as education, FAQ and get a quote which would bring back certain types of diamonds after a user answers a series of questions.

*Please note this site might not be currently live.