CityU's PR department

The Communications and Public Relations Office (CPRO) is the multi-channel communications team at City University of Hong Kong.


The old CityU PR Department website was very boring and they wanted a modern design. Also the university wanted to upgrade from their old Drupal 7 CMS site to a Drupal 8 CMS site. The difference between Drupal 7 and 8 is very large and like using a new CMS.


CityU PR wanted to be able to change the site by dragging items in the backend and being able to choose from a variety of options - such as sliders, images, text, etc. So I built several Paragraphs modules to handle their requests so they could choose from prefined layouts and move them around the page themselves. (Please note this was before some newer page builders for Drupal 8 came out).

*The client has slightly changed the site since original completion - which was what they wanted to be able to do.