Weave Co-Living

From private bedrooms, studios, co-living to luxury serviced suites. Step into Asia-Pacific's leading lifestyle rental accommodation.


Weave Co-Living wanted a corporate site to entice new guests and a dashboard system which would allow guests and staff to connect. The dashboard would need to communincate to their hospitality vendor's system through many APIs.


It was agreed upon to use Wordpress for both the corporate site and the dashboard. I worked on the functionlity and technical project management of this project. The dashboard itself was mainly a shell with minimial content of it's own, instead pulling information from both Wordpress CMS and the many different apis.

Of the many different apis their were such APIs as displaying room entry, events listing, booking an event, messaged from the system, etc

*The dashboard has been changed after the client changed accomodation vendors and rebranded to Weave Living.