IP Access Sysetm

This was an internal tool I built for Incisive Media. Incisive Media is a financial publishing and conference company.


The external company, who built the CMS, only provided a set of API endpoints, but no interface. This made it difficult for anyone to use them. We needed to be able to add users to trials as well as add company ip addressess for trials.


Instead of using cURL commands I built the system, initially in Ruby on Rails, to have a dashboard where I could login and then add/edit users to trials or add companies and their ip addresses so they could access the content without logging in by connecting to various API endpoints.

This system started off a small side project for myself as I didn't want to have to manually use several cURL commands when I could enter it through a web form, to a company-wide essential system for adding trials for the sales teams.

In 2016 I gave the system a facelift and rebuilt it in PHP's Laravel framework. This is the (small) screenshot you can see below. The system ran for about 12 years and was only finally replaced in 2020 after the CMS was updated.